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Identifying Appropriate Technology

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Day 2 (9:00 – 10:15 a.m.)


Poll 1: Which do young adults spend most time doing?


Activity 1:

  1. Go to http://elearningtools.wetpaint.com
  2. Reveiw the case – select one topic or activity to focus on
  3. Use Page 3 Handout Technology’s Basic Instructional Functions
  4. Enter findings to http://elearningtools.wetpaint.com/page/Online+Course+Design


IMPORTANT -This will be used later


Activity 2:

  1. Review tool(s) you selected for Activity 1
  2. Reference Page 4 Handout Pedagogy + Technology Matrix
  3. At what level of Bloom's does your technology work? How can your tool be used to assess student learning?
  4. Be prepared to share.


Activity 3:

  1. Select one tool that you have decided will be important for case.
  2. Use Page 1 Handout Web 2.0 Checklist to evaluate this tool.


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